Itachi had completed 340 official missions in total: 53 D-rank, 152 C-rank, 134 B-rank, 0 A-rank and 1 S-rank. Scopri le 10 frasi giapponesi che abbiamo raccolto per te! Before he killed her, Itachi thanked Izumi for always loving him. Despite being a pacifist by nature, Itachi felt his own needs were secondary to the greater good's; to that end he became a shinobi. Itachi hesitated to kill his father while he was shaking and crying as he promised them that he would take care of Sasuke when he successfully killed Fugaku. Eventually, at age 13, he was promoted to the rank of Anbu captain. A tutti quanti! Fin da piccolo si è subito dimostrato un genio, prendendo il massimo dei voti.Divenne molto presto un abile ninja grazie all'odore sgradevole che emanava (vedi sotto) Questa frase, soprattutto dopo aver saputo tutta la verità sulla storia di Itachi mi ha fatto piangere!!! Although he never trusted him and disapproved of the elder's methods of protecting the village, Itachi still felt Danzo was doing what he felt was best for the village. Un tempo era uno dei Sette Spadaccini della Nebbia, e la sua arma è la spada Samehada, anche detta Pelle di Squalo. Gli anime scolastici e gli slice of life sono i generi più indicati per abituare l'orecchio alle frasi più comuni, partendo proprio. That night while he plays with Sasuke on the front porch, Itachi shows his Sharingan to Sasuke, which his little brother happily notices. Itachi used this as a way to not spend time with him which made Sasuke be upset with him, and he ends with poking his forehead and promising to train him some other time. In the alternate world, Itachi appears as the leader of the Akatsuki in the alternate universe Naruto and Sakura end up at. Classificazione. Itachi broke his silence to refute this, stating that he was not running away but going to stop the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique. Knowing of his son's hesitance for bloodshed and reluctance to attack the village, Fugaku placed Itachi under a genjutsu by showing Itachi what would happen if he controlled Kurama. Shisui defeats the other two Root members, who retreat with the other one that Itachi defeated. Facebook giver folk mulighed for at dele og gør derved verden mere åben og forbundet. in Frasi di Film » Anime Giapponesi, Animazione. After joining the Akatsuki, they would regularly have a stern look to them. When used in full, Itachi was surrounded by a spectral warrior that would protect him from all damage, even jutsu as powerful as Kirin. Yōji disappears without explanation shortly after that by being kill in a battle by Itachi, after learning that Yoji help Danzo kill Shisui. Like Sasuke Uchiha, he misunderstood Itachi's intentions, and thought that humans would only evolve in war rather than peace. As the inevitability of the massacre became more apparent, Itachi's normally polite attitude to his clansmen became more violent, criticizing them openly and lashing out at them for the choices that sealed their fates and his own. Chapter Text. As he reaches his little brother, Itachi gives Sasuke a head bump, symbolising he no longer saw Sasuke as a child, but an equal. [Uchihacest] - [Partecipante alla Challenge della Community 1Frase] #38 - Significati In un'occhiata, in un silenzio, in un bacio o in una frase di Itachi, col tempo Sasuke aveva imparato a decifrare ogni significato, con la pazienza e la dedizione di un interprete di lingue morte, ormai mute, come corde vocali spezzate da un fugace stupore Rayko Uchiha è su Facebook. (E ci si chiede perchè ha ammazzato i suoi genitori! L'ho scritto più volte sul mio sito, in Giappone l'inglese è sempre più diffuso ma davvero pochi lo conoscono, quindi può essere utile a volte, ma spesso inutile. Citazioni su Itachi Uchiha Vasta raccolta di citazioni, frasi e dialoghi di Itachi. Meeting Itachi in secret on a cliff overlooking the Naka River, he entrusted his left eye to him, requesting that Itachi protect the clan's good name before proceeding to "erase his existence". Compensating for this limitation somewhat, Itachi had very refined chakra control, able to perform his techniques with one-handed seals. Quando la morte si avvicina a te per ghermirti, capirai chi sei. Next to Namikaze Minato, Itachi had the highest scores in the history of the Ninja Academy. Although he pretended to want to capture Naruto, as he only ever wanted to warn the higher-ups of Konoha that he was still alive and not to harm Sasuke, it is easily apparent that Itachi lacked interest in capturing Naruto despite feigning persistence to do so in front of Kisame. He had impressive speed and reflexes, particularly with his hand movements. Itachi tells his father that Sasuke's Ninja Academy entrance ceremony is tomorrow. Itachi silently picked it up and fastened it around his head, shedding a tear as he took a final look at Sasuke before the latter finally fainted. Two years later after returning from his mission with his clans men, Itachi welcomed Sasuke's home. There are several differences between his character in the current timeline and in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream: Itachi has many similarities with Ursa from Avatar the Last Airbender. The ponytail was, however, later obscured by the high collar of the Akatsuki cloak he wore after joining the organisation. Danzo was the Konoha elder who felt killing the Uchiha clan was necessary for protecting the village and he gave Itachi two choices: die with the clan in the revolt or kill his clan and protect the village. Recensioni, notizie, anteprime e eventi di Action Figures, Statue, Figures, Gunpla, Snodabili e Dolls provenienti da tutto il mondo, In Giappone questo manga (tuttora in corso di pubblicazione, e da cui è tratta una serie animata già divenuta cult)ha riscosso un successo che difficilmente possiamo comprendere appieno. e Apice, poiché in essa si raggiunge, in particolare con lo scontro tra Sasuke ed Itachi e le successive rivelazioni circa il passato di quest'ultimo, il punto più alto di Naruto, sia per quanto riguarda gli intrecci narrativi che la caratterizzazione dei personaggi, giungendo inoltre ad un grado di coinvolgimento emotivo del lettore. He then explained that while their village does have its dark side and inconsistencies, he still remained loyal to it as Konoha's Uchiha Itachi (木ノ葉のうちはイタチ). User deleted. Without pause, the brothers simultaneously used Amaterasu to incinerate the approaching, uncuttable web created by a copy of Kidomaru. After the war was finally over, Itachi encounter Orochimaru after the funeral of the victims that were all kill during the Third Shinobi war, and he questions him on what it means to be alive. Visualizza altre idee su Citazioni giapponesi, Citazioni, Giapponese. Afterwards, Kakashi congratulated the latter for his exceptional work. When he decided to go through with killing the Uchiha Clan, Itachi took the responsibility of killing his mother, who accepted his decision to side with the village over the clan and told him that she alway knew from the start. le migliori citazioni di Itachi Uchiha. Le frasi più belle -Itachi Uchiha-Solo quando si ha qualcuno da proteggere si può diventare veramente forti-Haku-Quegli occhi conoscono la vera solitudine, sai che non esiste peggior sofferenza al mondo [] occhi pieni d'odio e di violenza da cui traspare il tuo destino di potere Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. After Shisui's suicide, Itachi started rebelling against the clan and acted cold towards his clan members, which worried Sasuke about his relationship with his brother. Itachi told Kazuzu that he'll never work with him due to whatever mood he is in. Itachi's ANBU locker being seen in a flashback by Kakashi. Twelve years later, Itachi met Naruto again when he and Kisame snuck into Konoha to kidnap the boy. After speaking with his father's shadow clone, Itachi went to confront his parents. 5 risposte . Once class began, Itachi wonders about what it means to be a shinobi, and about the village. Itachi was a young man with onyx eyes, and jet-black hair that was pulled back with a red elastic in a low ponytail which extended to his shoulder blades. To push Sasuke in this direction, Itachi withheld the true reason for his actions and instead took on the persona of a man who had no love for his younger brother. However Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, it is Itachi who is Minato's right hand man in the ANBU. Itachi remarked that their two dojutsu together could achieve anything which was likely why their summoner would wait for the opportune moment to use their abilities. Therefore his two teammates are replaced by Aburame Yoji (who works for Danzo) and Suzukaze Himuka (who graduated from the Ninja Academy). After another clan meeting about the coup de'tat, Fugaku called Itachi to speak with him privately. Sasuke idolized his older brother and was prone to throw tantrums when Itachi was too busy with missions. In their final moment together, Itachi spoke to Sasuke that he was proud to have protected Konoha one last time and he has no regrets, despite whatever darkness and contradictions lie within the village. Consistent with his pacifist nature, Itachi specialised in genjutsu typically performed with his Sharingan. Itachi sees how badly Sasuke wants to play with him. Dragon Ball / Death Note (pari merito) 05. They talk about how the Uchiha were relocated after Kurama's attack. Kakashi was deeply saddened when Itachi committed the massacre and defected from the village. However, he maintained some quite sexist views when it came to women becoming kunoichi, viewing them that they should retire. Imploring Naruto to keep the truth a secret for the sake of his clan's honor, he then entrusted dealing with Sasuke to him. Despite Itachi's devotion to the village and willing to do anything to protect it, Homura never liked Itachi and spoke poorly about the Uchiha clan in front of him. Le migliori frasi di Itachi Uchiha. Formation A was used when both shinobi attacked individually using whichever ability they preferred, Formation B had Itachi open up with an attack involving genjutsu or shurikenjutsu while Jūzō killed the incapacitated shinobi with his sword, Formation C was a personal request by Jūzō to be killed by Itachi if he would be captured by Kirigakure and Formation D was to be proposed by Itachi but he refused to do so. In revenge for Yashiro's cowardly manipulations of his father from the shadows and helping to provoke war against Konohagakure while keeping free of responsibility himself, Itachi used his Tsukuyomi to force him to experience days of torture in an instant after making him realize how weak he was in comparison to Itachi himself. Premio Giuria e Premio Mangaka - Uchiha version. Le migliori frasi dette dai personaggi presenti nell'anime Naruto La VERA STORIA di ITACHI UCHIHA™,. Itachi first met Guy when he and Kisame sneaked into Konoha to kidnap Naruto. (Perdonami Sasuke...Questa è l'ultima volta.) quando si viaggia è utile sapere qualche frase per non sentirsi completamente alieni.. Da buongiorno a quanto costa passando per mi scusi, il sito JapanesePod101 ha raccolto le 25 frasi più utili in giapponese in vista di un viaggio nella terra del sol levante oppure semplicemente per esercitarsi e fare bella figura. As a child, Itachi would always happily ask for his father to train him. Learning that the ANBU have been informed of their presence, Itachi tells Kisame to fall back to avoid further confrontation as dealing with four jonin-level shinobi would be problematic enough.