Jeremiah’s eyes were ringed so deeply in dark bruises you were almost worried that the man had been involved in a fight. The taller they grew, the closer they stuck to your sides. And since the brothers were so busy with both the legitimate and illegal business they hadn’t noticed the crooked, wobbling blades lining the fold of the Jesus boy’s cap. Tag us with #peakyblindersgifs. Dark, tangled back London streets, half-glimpsed streetwalkers in shadow, a corset flares in jewel tones,a lost girl with blue ribbons in her hair wandering the twisted streets with a broken mirror,  the leg of a blue plaid suit. A peaceful second passed as she listened to the gruff chatter of the workers who strolled up the lane below the window before her eyes popped open in a panic. One evening you had taken him aside after you watched the boy flinch and hiss, ruby drops littering the dossier towers lining his desk. You walked up beind his hunched form, forcibly untucking his chair from its position beneath the old desk before nudging him through the bottle green doors of the betting den and into Polly’s kitchen. 1593615701. Productive, driven, large, active, creative. After that day the two boys were as thick as thieves, the pair always running and chasing after each other through the Small Heath lanes that separated the Shelby and Jesus households. You always know when the pair are getting into trouble, your internal compass pointing you in the boy’s direction as they wreaked havoc. You remember your knuckles rapping against the splintered door panel, rocking on your heels as you waited patiently in the icy Birmingham breeze before the dark door cracked open. A/N: please be careful with this one lovelies, the first half is a bit heavy going. peaky blinders (2013-) #cillian murphy #tommy shelby #peaky blinders #thomas shelby #perioddramaedit #cillianmurphyedit #my edits #what's peaky blinders about? Every story starts somewhere and the backstreet razor gang, The Peaky Blinders, are no exception. Over the following years you had seen the Jesus man and his son as you ran errands or browsed the Saturday market stalls, always nodding or waving politely to the pair as you passed. Quick, bright colors, global icons, the modern wrath of ancient Gods, sparking mythic hammers, fluid, portable moons. Ropes of daylight spilt into the room, the howling wind screeching through the terraced streets of Small Heath whipping at the bedroom curtains, its cold chill rousing the girl from her mid-day slumber. “È possibile modificare ciò che si fa, ma non è possibile modificare ciò che si desidera". Arthur | Tommy | John | Ada | Finn | Michael, ⇨ being Micahel’s older cousin would include. random screencaps: peaky blinders | 1.02. Animated, open-minded, kind, friendly, lovers of beauty. You had glanced down at the barely five-year-old brother, watching in confusion as his doe eyes sparkled with curiosity whilst he tucked his little frame behind yours before you glanced back to the church alter where your aunt appeared to be in deep conversation with the familiar face. A heart-shaped mole playing at the end of sweetly smirking lips. The motherly guidance you had provided brewed an unbridled respect within the Jesus boy, one which resulted in a razored peaky cap nestling atop his dark curls on the morning of his 18th birthday. Proper, polite, thoughtful, knowledgeable, reliable. And despite the norm of racial prejudice, no one spoke ill of either of the Jesus boys, not even in the absence of the Shelby family due to the fear of being overheard. Y/N sighed deeply as another chorus of wails sounded throughout the home. The three of you had mastered the art, you employing the skills you had acquired after helping Ada sneak out of Polly’s home to see Freddie back when they were dating. The boys would usually only share a glance, quickly casting their eyes to their greased fists before tucking their darkened hands behind their backs comically fast, rocking on their heels as they nervously avoided your gaze. Summary: Just when things are getting hard, the Shelby brothers swoop in to reassure their sister. 16 year old John keeps shying away from work when one day his older sister finds out why. gallifreyan-uprising. May 9, 2018 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. You watched as they glistened, the dark orbs glassy with unshed tears as you explained the reason for your visit. Before that day, Finn and Isaiah were best friends but in that moment they became brothers. watchthequeensconquer asked: get to know your mutuals ! London had been a gamble. The confessions that you see are submitted by other people, and ARE NOT NOT MY OPINIONS. You turned the boy’s hands in your own, dropping the sweets into his little palms before standing once more. Summary: Y/N Shelby has a startling realisation. #frasi belle #frasi amore #citazioni #frasi tristi #persona #mi manchi #ti amo #amore #frasi vita #frasi d'amore #frasi sulla vita #frasi e citazioni #pensieri #frasi e parole #assenza Altri che potrebbero piacerti. The Shelby brothers, Peaky Blinders (2013-), Me watching my favorite tv serie… A/N: this fic exists within the same universe as these headcanons. You had been running errands for Tommy the first time you properly met the boy. The previous night hadn’t been plagued by mental torment, the girl having sobbed herself into a dreamless sleep after her brothers had shuffled out of the room. this could apply to all the peaky boys lol arthur shelby peaky blinders pb incorrect peaky blinders quotes source: kravchikfreak jjmaybank 327 notes Apr 19th, 2020 Open in app See more posts like this on Tumblr. gallifreyan-uprising. White sheets slung over trees in the dark, a bloodstained pink dress, a faded red petticoat smelling of old sachets.Shadows of fathers in doorways. You remember reading the scrawling cursive of your older brother a second time, making sure you understood the note when you felt two little fists clench around your skirts. Soulless white interiors. Your newest tumblr blog for gifs and edits of the BBC/Netflix series. She felt as if she was drowning, the guilt stealing what little breath she had left, forcing her to wallow in the dark abyss of her forbidden feelings. Warnings: internalised homophobia (brief) crying, swearing, tooth-rotting fluff. Due to his status as a single father, Jeremiah was unable to join the war effort until late 1915, eventually being sent to the front in early 1916 after conscription swept British streets of any remaining men. Like, completely opposite to how he runs the peaky blinders. A/N: I know there’s not much action in this chapter but just wait for chapter 8 hope everyone is staying safe and well x. Jeremiah accepted the hug, bending down to embrace his boy before rising back to his full height, throwing his arms out wider to draw the two Shelby’s into his chest alongside his own son. See more posts like this on Tumblr. It's where your interests connect you with your people. When their father returns, no one wants Arthur Shelby Sr out of Small Heath more than the Shelby sister. Quickly burning cigarettes, frantic phone calls tearing through wires, stiff upper lip. You were always in awe of the man who had singlehandedly raised his son and you have an unwavering respect for him, especially after your own father had abandoned a newborn Finn and his other 5 children. A field at dusk in purple tones. And the three oldest Shelby sons became uncle figures to Isaiah, albeit uncles who ran an organised crime syndicate which he too worked within. You definitely have a soft spot for the two boys, often helping them sneak away from their responsibilities, especially when Tommy insists on using the pair as his personal errand boys. The weight the eldest Shelby girl felt pressing on her chest only seemed to grow heavier with the rise and fall of the sun. #peaky blinders x reader #peaky blinders #tommy shelby x reader #tommy shelby #thomas shelby #arthur shelby #alfie solomons x reader #alfie solomons #john shelby #peaky fookin blinders #michael grey #john shelby x reader More you might like. She couldn’t help but be reminded of the blacksmiths down Garrison Lane who laboured over the copious mountains of coal to keep their fires burning. And you never have the heart to tell them off, only laughing at their retreating forms, wishing them luck for when Tommy walks his associates to the door of his home only to find their cars smeared with grease stains, the engines half empty. You didn’t see much of the father-son duo until 2 years later when a set of knuckles rapped on the door of Polly Gray’s Watery Lane home. And since they are both so tall, the boys flanking your sides were effective sun shields, the shadows they cast over you blocking your eyes from the harsh rays. Like a startled cat they would jump causing the other boy to drop the equipment, wasted oil smearing in streaks across the Bentley’s paintwork and spilling over the boy’s hands before mixing with the gravel of the Arrow House driveway. Funny, unconcerned with social dictates, powerful, alive. And if the Shelby brothers ever caught wind of someone not only disrespecting their family but also upsetting their sister then the whole village of Small Heath would cower as it was painted red, the stench of vengeance accompanying the rooster’s call as the amber glow of dawn washed over the city skyline. When John finds Ada covered in her own blood, the Shelby sister has to remind the pair about the wonders of growing up. Both boys loved to accompany you on your journeys, offering to carry your belongings with proud smiles. permalink. when you get this, it means someone wants to know more about you, so list 5 things about yourself you want your followers to know. Dark, mercurial, profound, literate, grieving, obsessed. Her eyes slipped shut, hoping to alleviate the tired sting for just a moment before a gentle hand reached up to pinch at the bridge of her nose. Chunky neutral knits, toasty fireplace burnishing auburn hair, deep heather, slightly raised kilts, the smell of fresh cut herbs, hands stroking white cleavage, soft mussed up beds. #peaky blinders #tommy shelby #cillian murphy #arthur shelby #tv show #season 4 #lizzie shelby #jessie eden #ada shelby #ada thorne #screencaps More you might like. “-nd Margaret’s boy, the young one, Andrew is it? Ends in sibling fluff. they can be as simple as your age or as complex as your deepest fear, as long as it’s something you’re comfortable with sharing. And before he could even ask, you had insisted that Isaiah move into the Shelby brother’s shared bedroom that Finn now occupied and Jeremiah felt a weight immediately lift from his shoulders knowing his boy would be well looked after in his absence. Summary: Thoughts of Liliana haunt Y/N’s dreams but that’s okay since Finn won’t let her sleep for long. posted by thomasshelbyltd November 22nd 1,093 notes #s5 #gifs. Summary: Y/N continues to process her feelings for the Robert’s girl whilst uncovering Ada’s own secret. Jeremiah being thankful for your role in his son’s life, with you not only teaching his boy and providing him with the guiding touch of a mother figure but also looking out for Isaiah and treating him as if he were your own. Beautiful, rustling skirts, horse rides on green landscapes, thin, flowing white nightgown, Cream colored straw bonnet with violets, A soft Germanic accent, Canopy beds with sheer curtains, shining ringlets,  a piano playing. link copied. Whirring metal, wastelands, shattering glass, ticking technology, Digital displays, android eye rolling & watching all. By the order of the Peaky Blinders. Pretty golden hair in a ribbon, flushed freckled skin, steaming, filthy streets, doll-like girls in pastel dresses High powdered hair, dusty and hard. Just know whoever and wherever you are, whatever your sexual orientation, whether you have labels or not, whether you’re out or not - you are valid, you are loved and you are appreciated x. You and your siblings had moved in a few weeks prior after your mother’s funeral and your father’s abandonment, your entire family upstairs in bed fast asleep after a long night laid awake listening to the youngest Shelby’s cries for his missing mother. Woke. Peaky blinders . Source: peaky blinders quote the dermot and dave show cillian murphy natasha o'keeffe thomas shelby tommy shelby lizzie stark lizzie shelby tommy and lizzie tommy x lizzie post cillian is team lizzie vipmagazine Over the next month, Y/N made a habit of meeting her younger siblings and the Roberts girl in the schoolyard; baby Finn usually greeting the three with his happy gurgles. While Campbell goes hunting for Tommy, the Shelby sister tries to rebuild the life of her oldest brother. Liliana often informed the Shelby girl of the gossip circulating the courtyard, the pair often snorting in amusement at the scandalous secrets spreading like wildfire through the village. Heart on sleeve, familial, deeply committed, creative, ROMANTIC. Your newest tumblr blog for gifs and edits of the BBC/Netflix series. Requests are temporarily CLOSED. 55 Peaky imagines for everyone to check out below! After asking Polly for the documents Tom had requested, you and Jeremiah watched Finn and Isaiah smile shyly at each other, the Shelby boy offering out the last sugar cube to the Jesus boy who took it after his father sent him a nod of permission. The blonde pulled the Shelby girl into her chest quickly, arms wrapping securely around the older girl’s waist as she shushed the sobs that seemed to shake her entire being. A dark stairway, a scuttling scorpion, a cross on a white wall, deep night, poetry, intangible threads everywhere, a quiet dance in the abandoned sewers, a dark moon, an empty gallery of paintings, the pale shadow of a vulnerable monster, the singed smell of the real monster, a graveyard. It seems John and Martha have one more secret. You had curled up with a mug of tea in the window watching the men of Small Heath make their morning commute to their factory jobs over the other side of the cut when you heard the knock ring though the downstairs portion of the home. He’d fucked someone weeks after his wife had been murdered. Thankfully his older sister is always there to save him. The girls would always amble side by side and watch as Ada and John would skip and run ahead, keeping a careful eye to make sure they didn’t get into too much trouble. A greenhouse with fragrant, rare plants, Classy, thoughtful design, lovers of vintage & Victoriana.Small, but lovely. The dark bruises that had ringed your eyes were almost identical to the markings the preacher had worn just 2 years prior, the 16 year old appearing mature beyond her years after taking on the role of surrogate mother to the youngest Shelby sibling. Each felt heavier than the last, adding burden to every step she took, weighing down on her chest making it harder to breathe. Black Hearts under manners too well-honed. #frasi belle #frasi amore #citazioni #frasi tristi #persona #mi manchi #ti amo #amore #frasi vita #frasi d'amore #frasi sulla vita #frasi e citazioni #pensieri #frasi e parole #assenza Altri che potrebbero piacerti. Feels, feels, feels. birminghamblinders. Peaky Blinders Masterlist Series:Angel ⇨ Shelby sister reader x OFC “Summary: Pre-war, mostly set in 1908. And then Jeremiah was pulling back, the two adults sharing a nod before they turned away, sparing the other from watching the tears that fell the second the other was out of sight. they can be as simple as your age or as complex as your deepest fear, as long as it’s something you’re comfortable with sharing. And before you can even attempt to half-heartedly scold the boys they are closing the car latch and rushing in your direction. They both press a quick kiss to opposite cheeks at the same time before running off. Warnings: homophobia, internalised homophobia, hate crime (not against the reader), blood & bruising, 2 boys get beaten up, disowning (not of the reader), Ada panics when her crush is revealed. You were quick to take the Jesus boy under your wing and Isaiah was drawn to the maternal love you emitted hence you quickly became the older sister/mother figure to two boys. You would often appear behind them as they caused mischief, usually having enough time to place your hands on your hips as you watched the pair skilfully suck the petrol from Tommy’s business associates’ posh cars. Romantic, aesthetic, passionate, fervent. And he kept his promise, finding the Shelby brothers a few months into his service. Tag us with #peakyblindersgifs. A gray tweed hat, a cigarette hanging from tight lips, a boxing ring in slo-mo with sweat spraying the air, bluest eyes under thick charcoal lashes. A weak dandy in too much brocade. being the oldest Shelby girl would include, being Arthur’s younger sister would include, being Tommy’s younger sister would include, being Michael’s older cousin would include, being Tommy’s younger sister around Grace would include, being Finn’s older sister around Isaiah would include, the family’s reactions to the Shelby sister’s dating-life (+ alfie solomons), Shelby sister’s reaction to Arthur’s ‘death’. Flames in amber brown eyes, pastel petals showering down. Finn had run off to the home you shared with him and Tom after you had asked him to retrieve your sewing kit from atop the bedroom dresser. Tweet; Facebook; Permalink; Reblog; Embed link; Tommy Shelby walked into the London house, tension leaving his shoulders as crossed the threshold. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. You returned the greeting as you cast a glance back to the little boy tucked behind you, his small hands fiddling nervously with the fabrics of your skirt as he cast his curious glance over the slightly older boy mirroring his expression from his position tucked behind his father’s legs. Any unsavoury remarks were reported back to you, and by extension, the Peaky Blinders. The eldest Shelby girl’s eyes didn’t feel as heavy as they had the previous week, her undisturbed rest filling her with renewed energy. Peaky Blinders Confessions. Peaky Blinders A gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham, England and centered on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby, who means to … Her puffy eyes peeled open, squinting in the daylight as she shifted to pull herself against the headboard of the bed, knees pulling into her chest. Metal, ice, fire, swords flashing, toxic green wildfire exploding…strength, singed, bitter smell on a battlefield, brutal cold, A haze of Smoke left from Dragon-breath, shaggy black furs, silver-white braids, restless stallions, shadows hiding little birds. See more posts like this on Tumblr. Steven Knight is who laid its grounds, and the most special part of this TV show is its dialogue. Fucked someone and been fucked and– Christ. Peaky Blinders! peaky blinders bbc peaky blinders historical drama love story true love 1920s 1920s fashion 1920s movies gangsta gangster in loving memory freddie thorne iddo goldberg actors actorslife fandom tv show tv series webseries netflix bbc two ada shelby sophie rundle tragic romance photoshoot photography photo set memory back to you. Parallel Suburban streets, empty swimming pool at night throwing blue shadows. Tommy and your brothers were holding one of the first Peaky Blinders meetings, they had warned you of the unsavoury nature of the discussions and you had agreed that it would be best to keep your 5 year old brother out of the home while the talks commenced. A little bawdy. Thank you! (My edit), Cillian Murphy and Annabelle Wallis in Peaky Blinders (2013-), Annabelle Wallis A masquerade mask, a red dress to fight a battle. The two older girls would stroll leisurely down the cobbled streets of Small Heath, chatting and giggling the time away like they had before life had pulled them in opposing directions. Summary: Pre-war, mostly set in 1908. Coming Home ⇨ Michael, Finn & Shelby sister, Not My Father ⇨ Shelby sister & Shelby family, The Shelby Curse ⇨ Arthur & Shelby sister, Origins ⇨ John, Tommy, Arthur & Shelby sister, Lost & Found ⇨ Michael, John & Shelby sister, Tickle Fights ⇨ Shelby fam & Shelby sister, ⇨ being the oldest Shelby girl would include, ⇨ being Arthur’s younger sister would include, ⇨ being Tommy’s younger sister would include, ⇨ being John’s older sister would include, ⇨ being Finn’s older sister would include, ⇨ being Michael’s older cousin would include, ⇨ being Tommy’s younger sister around Grace would include, ⇨ being Finn’s older sister around Isaiah would include, ⇨ the family’s reactions to the Shelby sister’s dating-life (+ alfie solomons), ⇨ Shelby sister’s reaction to Arthur’s ‘death’. Long haired ethereal nymphs just out of sight. From now on, this blog will no longer be actively posting or updating. You quickly pushed the fabric bundle into his arms before stepping back from the doorstep, the man thanking you before pulling the heavy panel to a close just as quickly so that you wouldn’t have to watch him cry. Jeremiah’s lips pulled into a smile of sympathy as he watched the Shelby girl’s eyes fill with water. See more posts like this on Tumblr. Warnings: mentions of sex, swearing, internalised homophobia, dread, some serious pining. She was sure that if she was to look into a mirror, her reflection would reveal the dark circles surrounding her Y/E/C orbs had almost halved. Cillian Murphy about Season 5 of ‘Peaky Blinders’ (2019, The Dermot & Dave Show on Today FM, Cerebral, perceptive, devoted. A hyper bride. A claustrophobic cab. Clever, elegant, eloquent, kick-ass women. Upper West Side streets. Shouted tales of police lining the village streets like alley rats echoed around his small form, the stark warning of coppers asking for the blue-eyed brother by name ringing in the stunned silence that had followed. It wasn’t until 1912 when you properly met the now 7 year old boy. He couldn’t help but note how much you had changed over the past 2 years, now taller and slimmer faced dressed in dusty blue skirts and your mother’s frilled blouses, the pretty hand-embroidered dressed of your youth now folded neatly in Ada’s half of the dresser. staticky walkie-talkies, Blue plaid blankets on bunk beds, gaming dice, flickering Christmas lights, a trickle of blood from a small nose, falling backpacks, a menacing hovering presence, cold fluorescent lab corridors. Cillian Murphy and Annabelle Wallis, Peaky Blinders (2013-) Source: genterie. Welcome to peakyblindersgifs! Peaky Blinders Crime TV Dramas A notorious gang in 1919 Birmingham, England, is led by the fierce Tommy Shelby, a crime boss set on moving up in the world no matter the cost. #peaky blinders x reader #peaky blinders #tommy shelby x reader #tommy shelby #thomas shelby #arthur shelby #alfie solomons x reader #alfie solomons #john shelby #peaky fookin blinders #michael grey #john shelby x reader More you might like. peakyxshelby. By the order of the Peaky Blinders. Blue sash, running Corgis, set shoulders in determination, faded glory, tension, taut short sentences, overwhelming, dank churches, closed stuffy rooms with heavy furniture. The youngest brother had been frantic, feet barely escaping from his mud-splattered shoes as he raced down the hallway in the older sister’s direction. Silky words, flowing fountains, flower drenched gardens. Come voice your opinions about the Peaky Blinders! You were rarely seen wandering the streets of Small Heath without the two boys. Peaky Blinders Confessions. “What’s wrong pretty girl?” she whispered gently into the other girl’s mess of Y/H/C curls, too worried to smirk as the girl in her arms shivered at the affectionate nickname. It's where your interests connect you with your people. And Jeremiah Jesus became as much of an uncle figure to Finn as Charlie Strong. You were 14 years old when it happened, your mother had sent you to the Jesus home a few days after the birth, arms overflowing with baby blankets and clothes left over from Ada and John. Exotic men in satin bathrobes tumbling out of a boudoir. Slowly she let herself slide against the stiff wooden back of the kitchen chair, slumping in defeat as her head fell to her hands. You could only shake your head fondly as you untangled the boy’s hands from your skirts, taking them both in your own as you turned and crouched to make eye contact with the youngest Shelby. Fucking Christ. You cleaned the new cuts scattered across his hands before sending him to fetch the cap he had tucked into his coat pocket that was slung over the back of his chair. Summary: After months of bottling up the guilt, Y/N finally breaks down. A turquoise 18th-century country dress. And also keep in mind, this is a confessions blog, not a hate blog. A battle won that still feels like a loss. You could only smile at the boy before Jeremiah nudged a swaddle of blankets in your direction as he took in your now 16 year old appearance. But as he and the remains of their regiment shivered out the words to the bleak midwinter in what they believed to be their final moments, Jeremiah’s heart felt full in his chest knowing that his boy was safe and that you would raise him as your own as you had done with Finn. You couldn’t sleep, the baby finally snoring soundly in the Moses basket by your feet after sobbing himself to exhaustion. Saved by Shawna Renea. While the conversations differed over the days and months, one thing never changed. When both boys had returned you had taught the pair how to properly sew the blades into the caps without cutting themselves, all while sharing several embarrassing tales of the older brothers rapping their blooded knuckles upon your door after their own failed sewing attempts. frasi belle frasi ... See more posts like this on Tumblr. You offered the brother a reassuring smile, tucking the note into your dress pocket before securing the two remaining sugar cubes between your fingers, pulling them from your pocket dramatically to draw a sweet giggle from the youngest’s lips. 1 July 2020. copy link to post. A sweeping Cornwall Moor at sunset, crashing foamy waves, long red hair, picked yellow and blue wildflowers, a Redcoats outfit, black curls framing fathomlessly deep brown eyes and an unbearably endearing crooked grin, open skies, intimate smiles in a simple, wood-floored sunny kitchen. If you’re interested in being a member, apply to join us! Y/N Shelby is the younger sister of Arthur and Tommy and the older sister of John and Ada. Simmering under the surface, a ship cutting through the waves, blood on the water, leather pants, skin of two women naked in flickering candlelight. A cool blonde in a white suit passes by the corner of your eye, sparkling fringes, elegant lines, hoarse, husky voices Rolled white shirtsleeves, smoking guns. I bet tommy is really fucking gentle in the bedroom. Wildly ornate gold halls, decadent salon parties, elegant smirks, long blonde curls, crushed velvet breeches, lace cuffs with metallic threads shimmering. Frail human hope pervading all things. luthor-s: Make me choose: anonymous asked Thomas Shelby or Joffrey Baratheon? A lace fan over a low cut bodice, women’s rolling laughter, the smell of food and stale perfume, last night’s champagne and dirty sheets. You remember pulling the door open just enough to glance through the slit, pushing it open wider when you saw the Jesus man, a babbling 2 year old toddler sat on his hip. She let out a shaky breath as she fell back against the wall, eyes slipping shut as she basked in the golden rays that spilt lazily across the apples of her cheeks through the still-dawn curtains.