1. He began his career with his friends and cousin through a band named Aventura. Hearing in his words, he said,eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'celebsuburb_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',116,'0','0'])); With my first kid, I was a kid having a kid. In fact, his dad is the only singer to perform twice at the concert of Yankee’s Stadium. Edgar Sanchez Sandoval - 28/01/2015. Alex Damian Santos is an American celebrity kid, well-known as the son of Romeo Santos. Celebrities are often very protective of their children and for Romeo it was no different. He first appeared in the 2007 movie Sanky Panky. Santos's older son, 18-year-old Alex, was born around 2002, when Santos was barely out of his teens himself, although some sources have him … Alex is both on Facebook and Twitter, but he is rarely active. What You Should Know about Paige Reffe, Deborah Birx’s Husband? Romeo Santos is the father of Alex. But the 18 years old Alex Damian Santos is one of the lucky star kids. He was born in 2002 and is 18 years of age of 2020. He was born in 2000 and is 20 now. Alex Damian Santos ünlü bir şarkıcı, söz yazarı, oyuncu ve yapımcı Romeo Santos'un oğlu olarak ünlüdür. Alex Damian Santos est né en 2000 (à l'âge de 19 ans) aux États-Unis. He is in his teens and 5 feet 7 inches tall. As the son of a famous father, Alex leads a luxurious life. His son came into the spotlight when he asked Romeo that he wanted to be on the cover of a magazine with the singer. Well, as despite being famous, Romeo keeps his family away from the media limelight. Es normal que las seguidoras de Romeo Santos se derritan por el cantante de bachata en todos sus conciertos. Hopefully, the singer talks about the mother of Alex someday.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'celebsuburb_com-box-4','ezslot_4',115,'0','0'])); As of now, Alex shares a great relationship with his dad. Alex Damian Santos est le fils d'un célèbre chanteur, auteur-compositeur, acteur et producteur, Romeo Santos. He was born in 2002 and is 18 years of age of 2020. They got recognition after the release of their album "We Broke the Rules" in 2002. Alex also has a younger brother Valentino. Not all are fortunate enough to be born as the son of a rockstar. I was a coward, so I ran, I wasn’t in a relationship at the time, it was just something that happened. Daha önce de belirttiğimiz gibi, O'nun oğlu olduğunu Romeo santos kimin gerçek adı Anthony Santos … Alex Damian Santos ist berühmt als Sohn eines berühmten Sängers, Songwriters, Schauspielers und Produzenten, Romeo Santos. There is no exact detail about his birth date. Her Unsuccessful Marriage, Career, Children, & More. Who is Danny Bonaduce’s wife Amy Railsback? And Romeo has proved himself as a responsible father. He is blessed with the title of The King of Bachata genre. His father Romeo has an estimated net worth of around $30 million. Singer Romeo Santos is, famously, one of the most private musicians out there, so you might not know that he's Singer Romeo Santos Has 2 Sons — Here's What We Know About Alex and Valentino – WebsFavourites.com Romeo has a good acting career too. He has a dark eye color. Página sobre el hijo del Rey de la Bachata. Later, Romeo announced his solo career after the group split apart in 2011. What’s The Truth About Romeo Santos’ Wife? The son of a famous father Romeo, let's go through the article to know about his family, age, his biological mother, and total net worth.. Family, Age, And Biological Mother Of Alex Damian Santos. As an artist, he has given so many golden hits like All Abroad, La Diablo, Llevame Contigo, Propuesta Indecente, Heroe Favorito, and many others. Ο Alex Damian Santos γεννήθηκε το 2000 (19 ετών) στις ΗΠΑ. As we have already mentioned above, Alex is the son of a singer and songwriter Romeo Santos. As his father is a successful singer and songwriter, he enjoys all the luxuries. Alex se narodil, když jeho otec měl pouhých 17 let. Alex Damian started his journey in this world from the world 2000 but his exact birthday details are still unknown. He debuted with his solo album Formula Vol. Alex Damian Santos lahir pada tahun itu 2000 di Amerika Serikat. The son of a famous father Romeo, let's go through the article to know about his family, age, his biological mother, and total net worth. When Did He Get Married? Jak jsme již zmínili výše, je synem Romeo Santosjehož skutečné jméno jeAnthony Santos(otec a matkaSamantha Medina(matka). Alex is already 18 but like his father, there are no reports of his romantic relationship. Romeo is a popular singer, songwriter, actor, and producer. Well, Romeo has not disclosed the name of his second kid's daughter. Romeo parented him when he was just seventeen years old. Alex Damian Santos is the son of a famous singer and songwriter Romeo Santos. The last post he made on Twitter was back in 2015. Alex Damián Santos. Santos's older son, 18-year-old Alex, was born around 2002, when Santos was barely out of his teens himself, although some sources have him … Romeo Santos can relate, since he became a parent when he was just 19 years old. He belongs to mixed ethnicity, American, and Spanish. Alex Damian Santos is the son of a famous artist, Romeo Santos. Overall Romeo is his whole family for him. Alex is still under the responsibility of his father. Hopefully, Alex will soon talk about his love life. He has not revealed if he is single or dating anyone. Alex Damian Santos terkenal sebagai putra seorang penyanyi, penulis lagu, aktor, dan produser terkenal, Romeo Santos. His Hollywood debut was from the film Fast and Furious with the co-stars like Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johson. Alex Damian Santos se narodil v roce2000vSpojené státy americké. Alex Damian Santos è nato nell'anno 2000 in gli Stati Uniti d'America. Alex Damian Santos – Romeo Santos Son. He is the son of the famous American singer and songwriter Romeo Santos. Who Is Lori Brice? Carly Steel Gets Engaged To Beau Jacob Andreou In Front Of Eiffel Tower, Lyssa Chapman's Relationship With Girlfriend Leiana Evensen, Why Lyssa Chapman "Baby Lyssa" Divorced Her First Husband Brahman Galanti, Al Pacino: Personal And Professional Life-Net Worth, Age, Height, Movies & TV Shows, Wife & Children, How Much Is Peter Berg's Net Worth? Lately, Alex has made several appearances with his father on social media and they look really comfortable with each other. But when it comes to Alex’s mother, things seem a little complicated. Alex's biological mother is Samantha Medina. Alex Damian Santos Parents, Age. — alex damian santos (@alexdamiansants) February 13, 2013. However, the 18-year-old has made a post of Romeo with a lady on his Twitter account, who is assumed to be his mother Samantha by many. El cantante Romeo Santos confesó que en sus tiempos de adolescencia no solo admiraba el talento y la dulce voz de la merenguera Miriam Cruz, sino también que fue su gran amor platónico. The real name of Romeo was Anthony Santos but he became popular on stage by the name Romeo Santos. Romeo was born on July 21, 1981, in The Bronx, New York City. 1.4K likes. He also has a younger brother Valentino who was born in March 2019. Alex Damian Santos, 19, is immensely known as one of the sons of popular American singer & songwriter, Romeo Santos. Hace cuatro años descubrimos que Romeo Santos tiene un hijo-Alex Damián- a quien presentó públicamente cuando ambos posaron para la portada de una revista. As with most of Santos’s personal life, details about Alex, including the identity of his mother, have been kept as a private family matter. He was born in 2000 and is 20 now. He stated he was too focused on his career and did not give time to his kid. Seperti yang telah kami sebutkan di atas bahwa ia adalah putra dari Romeo Santos yang nama aslinya adalah Anthony Santos (ayah dan ibu Samantha Medina (ibu). Alex Damian Santos wurde im Jahr geboren2000imdie Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Further, he also said, he was still a kid when Alex was born and that it was unplanned. Intersting facts about her! In one of his interviews with The Breakfast Club, Romeo opened up about how he was not a good father in the past. His father Romeo announced the birth of his new baby via his Instagram in a beautiful post on March 27.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'celebsuburb_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',105,'0','0'])); Romeo, who is extremely private about his personal life, has not revealed much about his son. Romeo is not comfortable to share his personal details in public. Alex Damian Santos father is a renowned singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor and is best known as the lead vocalist of the former New York City Bachata band Aventura. Alex is now 20 years old. His work paid off with his first album gaining him major success. Alex Damian Santos. Alex Damian Santos è famoso come il figlio di un famoso cantante, cantautore, attore e produttore, Romeo Santos. However, there are a lot of questions about Alex that seem to be unanswered. Also, Romeo also has not revealed the actual mother of his first kid. Alex Damian Santos yıl doğdu 2000 içinde Amerika Birleşik Devletleri. Alex Damian Santos- Family, Age, Biological Mother. As we have already mentioned above, Alex is the son of a singer and songwriter Romeo Santos. The boy is just nineteen years old and is the son of famous singer and songwriter Romeo Santos. But things weren’t always the same. View more / View Less Facts of Alex Damian Santos. Jeho otec je slavný zpěvák, skladatel, herec a producent. He has contributed to some movies as a side project. For many years people didn’t even know he had a child. Alex Damian Santos. Hace cuatro años, Romeo Santos impactó al mundo cuando presentó públicamente a su hijo, Alex Damian en la portada de la revista “People”. But since there aren’t any mentions about who the lady actually is, it is hard to verify the claim. His Sources Of Income, Salary, And Career, Legendary Comedian And Actor Jerry Stiller Dies At 92: His Career, Personal Life, And Net Worth. There is no exact detail about his birth date. However, the singer shares a great relationship with his son at present. Untold Truth of Vince Neil Daughter. Moreover, Alex is in the fame just because of his dad’s popularity. 176 Likes, 1 Comments - Romeo Santos/Aventura (@familia_romeistayaventurera) on Instagram: “Alex Damian santos #Romeosantos #romeistas #thekingofbachata #thekingstaysking @romeosantos…” Romeo Santos is the father of Alex.Romeo parented him when he was just seventeen years old. I have a great relationship with Alex, it’s been great for over a decade. Though there are claims that Samantha Medina is the mother of Alex, there is no proof to authenticate the claims. Pregnancy Rumors? Who is Elizabeth Ashley Wharton? Ο Alex Damian Santos είναι γιος ενός διάσημου τραγουδιστή, τραγουδοποιού, ηθοποιού και παραγωγού, Romeo Santos. Come abbiamo già detto sopra, è figlio di Romeo Santos il cui vero nome è Anthony Santos (padre e … Alex Damian Santos Santos’s older son, 18-year-old Alex, was born around 2002, when Santos was barely out of his teens himself, although some sources have him at age 19 (born in 2001, presumably). Emma Stone Married To Fiance Dave McCary? While there are claims that Samantha Medina is Alex’s mother, things look a little hazy.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'celebsuburb_com-box-3','ezslot_3',104,'0','0'])); Well, here we will answer all about his career, relationship with his parents, and many other interesting facts.