SECS-P/08 MANAGEMENT This possession is verified by the Commission for the Admission of International Students in compliance with current legislation. Head of Department: … Università degli Studi "G. d'Annunzio" Chieti - Pescara. Ordinary Differential Equations. All students are required to fill in the online study plan for each year of enrolment according to the specified rules.  Exam(-s): Select one or more subjects of the same level or cycle from the entire educational offer of the University, provided they are coherent with the educational project; Access to this verification is subject to the possession of the curricular requirements indicated. Quest’anno, per l’Università degli Studi di Torino, abbiamo curato l’immagine dei supporti per l’anno accademico 2018/2019. M-STO/03 HISTORY OF EASTERN EUROPE Join. Università degli Studi di Torino. 10, paragraph 5, letter a, DM 22 October 2004, n°270). 2001 - 2004. Activities not explicitly included in the study plan, Master's Degree Introduction - May, 28, 2018, Department of Cultures, Politics and Society, Department of Economics and Statistics "Cognetti de Martiis", Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures, School of Law, Political and Economic-Social Sciences, Regional Agency for the Right to Education of Piedmont, Sports activities for university students, L-LIN/04 LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION - FRENCH, L-LIN/06 LATIN AMERICAN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES, L-LIN/07 LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION - SPANISH, L-LIN/09 LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION - PORTUGUESE AND BRAZILIAN, L-LIN/12 LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION - ENGLISH, L-OR/09 AFRICAN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES, L-OR/21 CHINESE AND SOUTH ASIAN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES, M-DEA/01 DEMOLOGY, ETHNOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY, M-GGR/02 ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY, M-STO/05 HISTORY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, SECS-P/07 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND ACCOUNTING STUDIES, SPS/06 HISTORY OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, SPS/08 SOCIOLOGY OF CULTURE AND COMMUNICATION, SPS/09 ECONOMIC SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY OF WORK AND ORGANIZATION, SPS/12 SOCIOLOGY OF LAW, DEVIANCE AND SOCIAL CHANGE, Registration form for the recognition of the activity, Form 1 - Application for "Other activities". The Section of Hematology is part of: Dipartimento di Medicina ed Oncologia Sperimentale dell'Universita' di Torino Via Michelangelo 27, 10126, Torino - Italy In general, students will learn to understand the connections between the processes of globalization and the transformation of such areas, with consequent reconfiguration of the relations between states, markets, international institutions, local and transnational organizations and movements. Click the map to visit our laboratories.This includes the chemistry laboratories in Via Quarello, via Giuria - where the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Drug ciences and Technology are situated - and Via Accademia Albertina, home of the Life Sciences Department. Established in 1404, Università degli Studi di Torino (University of Turin) is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the urban setting of the large city of Torino (population range of 500,000-1,000,000 inhabitants), Piemonte. University; Teaching; Research; Campus; Home; Teaching; Courses offered; URBAN PLANNING LAW (TAF C) URBAN PLANNING LAW (TAF C) General Module. Specjalności. We conduct exploratory and applied research into collection, integration, management, and analysis of data related to business, economy, and society. Other training activities, TAF F, are student choices made either among workshops related to specific courses present in the study plan, or among activities, given the possibility of obtaining a recognition for them, that are not explicitly declared in the study plan. College & University. -          identify and manage funding lines (at the local, national, or international level) for cooperation initiatives, and monitor the use of such funds; Title: Guida Giurisprudenza 2020-2021, Author: Scuola di Scienze Giuridiche, Politiche ed Economico Sociali - Università di Torino, Name: Guida Giurisprudenza 2020 … Kryteria wyszukiwania: państwo, miasto, grupa kierunków, język kształcenia, status uczelni, poziom i system studiów. Master's Degree Introduction - May, 28, 2018 Un video realizzato dall'Area Relazioni Esterne e con i Media - Ufficio Stampa, in collaborazione con Il Presidio della Qualità di Ateneo. 90 del 7 agosto 2020 e della Nota 371182 del 13 agosto 2020 l'Università degli studi di Torino ha previsto la riapertura delle … 2020 - 2024. -          conservation of cultural heritage, Many extinct genera and species have been established in the past by the study of fossil rorquals from northern and southern hemispheres. SPS/07 GENERAL SOCIOLOGY Laboratory activities are distributed over the two years, and contribute to integrating the theoretical and practical dimensions. Plan de jeu. Workshops activated by the Department: chosen within the "Other activities" option, in addition to those articulated expressly in the study plan of the student.A student interested in participating, should carefully review the access mode for each of these. Activities not explicitly included in the study plan, but contribute to the recognition of credits. Study planAcademic regulation for the CourseRegulations (RAD)Rules of study plans Students wishing to enroll for the Master's Degree Program in Area and Global Studies for International Cooperation must have a Bachelor's Degree or a three-year university degree or another qualification obtained abroad, recognized as appropriate according to current legislation. L-OR/21 CHINESE AND SOUTH ASIAN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES 270 TAF B - Distinctive Credits/Recognition 9 Course disciplinary sector (SSD) MAT/05 - analisi matematica Delivery Formal authority Language English Attendance Mandatory Type of examination Written and oral Prerequisites Calculus and mathematical Analysis in one and several real variables. Thanks to the profile's multidisciplinary approach, students will gain the knowledge required to identify and analyse the slow and long-term processes that these countries are experiencing, as well as to observe (in their complexity) the changes underway to understand their effects on the ways of life. Psychologist . The Transcript of records, along with the documentation concerning the activity carried out, shall be delivered by email or in person to the administrative representative of the Course. The Master's Degree aims to transmit articulated knowledge in the field of international cooperation having theoretical, methodological and applied nature. Network. Course code: AI502. Overview . After passing all the tests of the training activities included in the study plan and having acquired at least 102 credits, the student, regardless of the number of university years, is allowed to take the final exam, which consists of the discussion of a dissertation.Dissertation, which should have a certain original character and constitute a first approach to scientific work, can consist of:a) the framing of the state of a question and the critical review of scientific literature concerning a well defined topic; b) an original research essay; c) a preliminary project concerning the setting up of an investigation, be it sociological, economic, etc., or to develop an international cooperation project. Course notifications Admission Requirements To connect with Università Di Torino, join Facebook today. 10, paragraph 5, letter d, DM 22 October 2004, n. 270) The Master's Degree aims to transmit articulated knowledge in the field of international cooperation having theoretical, methodological and applied nature. Via Carlo Alberto, 10 10121 Torino - Italy Ph: +39 011 670 2910 Fax: +39 011 670 2821 Find us. Pages; Table of Contents Bilan actuel des transferts:-14,50 mio. The structure of the course also allow students the possibility to devote part of the second year to internship activities and the writing of the dissertation. Taf D - Free Credits il mondo che ti aspetta. The course is structured around four learning areas. About. The multidisciplinary approach here proposed, which combines the study of history, law, anthropology and political analysis, the study of languages and literature in the North American and Latin American areas allow students to gain adequate knowledge of the colonial heritage and of the North American influence on the rest of the continent. Mandatory for all students enrolled in the Master's Degree, the "General" profile is aimed at providing the basic knowledge and multidisciplinary skills (of the specific social, cultural, economic and institutional characteristics that shape concrete activities of international cooperation, as well as of actors in international cooperation) to operate - having also learnt how to compare different cooperation models - and conduct research in the field of international cooperation and development. Abstract Salamandrina perspicillata, from Northern and Central Italy, and Salamandrina terdigitata, from Southern Italy, represent a unique case of endemism among the amphibians of Europe. Log In. SECS-S/03 ECONOMIC STATISTICS Studia magisterskie w Polsce. 3. L-LIN/12 LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION - ENGLISH Using a multidisciplinary approach, the profile centers on the study of countries such as Libya and those of the Horn of Africa (former Italian colonies), (African) Mediterranean countries and the Great Lakes region. AGIC graduates will work for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), third sector organizations, public administrations, private companies. The candidate who possesses the curricular requirements is admitted to the written test. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge of the different approaches of international cooperation, of global challenges, as well as of the areas of specialization (theoretical). The digital facilitator is the new support service for students during distance learning. If the candidate is not in possession of the specific curricular requirements, upon indication of the Academic Board of the Master's Degree he/she may eventually enroll in individual courses offered by the University and must successfully support the relevant assessment before enrolling in the Master's Degree. Management Specialists in the Public Administration - ( and control specialists in private companies - ( in economic systems - ( in the study, management and control of social phenomena - ( in political science - ( and technicians graduated in political and social sciences - ( Phone: (+39) 011 67 06 711 Fax: (+39) 011 75 16 03 Administrative office: fx5cHqBUndewaATEm3p1k. IUS/08 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW SPS/05 AMERICAN HISTORY AND INSTITUTIONS Università degli Studi "G. d'Annunzio" Chieti - Pescara. The Master's degree includes additional practical programs and internships opportunities (research centres, central and local administrations, international organizations and non-governmental organizations operating in Italy and abroad, working in the field of cooperation, territorial policies, immigration policies and cultural integration). Lire le compte rendu par Rosina Leone, Università degli studi di Torino (publié le: 2015-04-08) ... Jahrhunderts v. Chr. Thanks to the profile's multidisciplinary approach, students will gain the knowledge required to identify and analyse the slow and long-term processes that these countries are experiencing, as well as to observe (in their complexity) the changes underway to understand their effects on the ways of life.